Tuesday, July 28, 2015

All things natural and organic

Oh how I love organic tangles! 

The guest post from Cari Sultanik presented us with the (Diva) challenge to use tangles that are nature inspired, a.k.a. organic.  I migrate towards organic tangles; my favorites are Aquafleur and Mooka, as well as anything that flows, anything non-grid, and anything curvy (I even like Ing much better with curves rather than angles!).  

I won't go on an on (although I could) about my passion for organic tangles; rather, I'll just present my tile... and wish a Happy Birthday to the very talented and kind Annette Carlo (love the sister blog BTW... everyone needs a bit of zentering now and again)!

by Amy L. Smith, CZT (tangles: Chez, Indy-Rella, Tipple)

In case you are wondering, Chez is my tangle.  For the life of me I can't remember its muse nor why I called it Chez.  At some point during a camping trip this summer I drew it so it must have been inspired by something in nature.  I just revisited it, looking back through my sketch book I see I tangled it everywhere.  Even though I can't recall why/how I came up with it, now  I think it reminds me of crinoids!  And I do know crinoids!  I used to collect them as a kid while hiking in Montana (of all places) and more recently on a river trip I found them along the San Juan River.  Anyway, here is my step-out for Chez... and do Google crinoid fossils (they are totally cool!)

Chez by Amy L. Smith, CZT

PS -- my previous post is about a ZIA published in a traveling  vellum book.  Check it out... you could do it too!!!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Cross Country....

Oh, how exciting!  

The collaborative art book I contributed to was just published! 

Check out the link 'how it works' on the website... if you are in the States (and over 18) you can do it too!

This is the page I did for the book...

by Amy L Smith

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Circus Tile

As a child I went to a Ringling Bros. circus... Oh I will spare you my commentary.

All three of these tangles are new to me, hence one of the greatest aspects of doing the Diva challenge. Guest blogger, Lee Darter, challenged us to use the tangles Tropicana, Cack and then to select an additional tangle from three given choices...being the organic tangle lover I am, I selected LinQ.

This tile certainly looks like the chaos that a circus may bring, although Tropicana reminds me more of the Roman aqueducts that remain standing in Segovia Spain. 


Anyway, my circus tile...

by Amy L. Smith

More noteworthy than any tile:

Kudos to Ringling Bros. for retiring their elephants!  (Make sure you watch the video embedded in the article.)


Friday, July 17, 2015


Fun is to be had with the tangle Paradox

The step out to Paradox is super easy and this tangle is a great tangle to use during a Zentangle class to emphasis that tiles are to be rotated, rotated, rotated!!!  

I started this Zendala with Paradox not thinking that it would be the only tangle used! This tile sat like this for days because I was so fascinated with the way Paradox transformed itself into a mesmerizing star that I just kept staring at it!

Paradox by Amy L Smith, CZT

Perhaps it was that fascination that inspired me to continue to use Paradox on the rest of the tile...  ...I must admit, I lost my spot a couple times so I challenge you to find my 'mistakes'!

Paradox by Amy L Smith, CZT

A little bit of shading makes all the difference...

Paradox by Amy L Smith, CZT

Now, if you like Paradox and you really want to obsess with it (which is easy to do), then I suggest you check out Margaret Bremner's blog about Paradox!  She takes Paradox to a whole new level and offers some valuable tips!

Thursday, July 16, 2015


Dewdrop / noun / ˈdü-ˌdräp


Miriam Webster defines dewdrop as a drop of dew.  Can't get a more simple explanation than that!

Did you know there is a Dewdrop Inn in Derby CT, Phoenix AZ, Hollywood MD, Brooklyn NY, and Coshocton County OH?

Did you know Tori Amos did the Dew Drop Inn Tour in 1996?

Operating an Inn or doing a concert tour seems far from the simply life but perhaps that is only the outsiders' perspective.  

This week's Diva Challenge by guest blogger Katie Crommet offers up an opportunity to tangle simplistically.  I think I like it, oh wait, yes, love the idea... I like living simply to simply tangle!

For the simplicity challenge, I selected one tangle, 'Nzepple; one of my favorite tangles by the way.  I opted to tangle on a Zendala tile since 'Nzepple is grid based, I thought the contrast would be interesting.  

In feeling, smelling, and thoroughly enjoying the paper (yes, with eyes closed), it dawned on me that a dewdrop is nature's way of showing how something so simplistic can add such beauty and creativity to our lives while also proving us with the opportunity to see something in a new perspective.  

'Nzepple with dewdrop

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Dex and Bunzo

Ahhhhh, Bunzo is one of my favorite tangles!  Dex is one I have never done before so this was an enjoyable challenge.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

White Ink on Black Tiles

I am a fan of white ink on black tiles -- I love those beautiful black tiles!  However, I have not found a pen with white ink that I simply adore -- until NOW!  

Let's review some pens with white ink -- Sakura Gelly Roll, Sakura Glaze, Pentel Sunburst Gel, Pentel Slicci (which I like, the line is smooth and fine but I haven't found it in white, just silver), and Uni-ball Signo (which I love but the line is so not fine).  I will let you fend for yourself Googling those pens as I want to focus on my new favorite white ink pen... by Uni!

As indicated by the name... I am in heaven! It is the beautifully smooth flowing ink that is signature to Signo but with a 0.7mm tip, the line is thin and more perfect for any detailed tangled tile!  

After a bit of searching, I found JetPens offering it at a reasonable price... $2.00 per pen.  JetPens offers an amazing selection of pens which I haven't investigated yet... if you find one you like or if you have another white ink pen that you can't live without, please share!

I did find this pen most intreging yet too expensive and perhaps even too sophisticated for my simpleton means of tangling.

What is your favorite white ink pen???

Angelic Colours Gel Ink Rollerball Pen

uni-ball Signo Angelic Colours Gel Ink Rollerball Pen - See more at: http://uniball.com.au/rollerball/gel-ink/uni-ball-signo-noble-metal-gel-ink-clone/#sthash.huc5HWeJ.dpuf
uni-ball Signo Angelic Colours Gel Ink Rollerball Pen - See more at: http://uniball.com.au/rollerball/gel-ink/uni-ball-signo-noble-metal-gel-ink-clone/#sthash.huc5HWeJ.dpuf

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Labyrinth - DC 215

A labyrinth is a maze-like design or structure with an unambiguous route to the center and back; unlike a maze, it is not difficult to navigate.

Instructions as to how to draw a labyrinth are plenty on YouTube... this video makes the drawing of a labyrinth fairly simple and straight forward.  

Incorporating a labyrinth was the challenge presented by the Diva this week.  Here is my tile...

Tangles: Marasu and Flux
On a more personal note; it has been a long time since I have done a Diva Challenge.  Thank you Jean for the motivation!