Tuesday, November 19, 2013

DC 145 -- Quib

This week's challenge was super easy -- we had to use the newly released tangle Quib.  I actually pondered what to do with this tangle for awhile.  I wanted to change it up a bit; so here is what I came up with.  I like it as a border!  The odd tangle in the center (the pea pod flower sort of thing) is part of a pattern from fabric.  My mom is a quilter so she is always sending me pictures of fabric that include tangles!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Noah's Hand

My beautiful cousin, Samantha, has a darling little 4 year old boy, Noah.  She amused me enough to trace his hand... this is it.  In this picture I hoped to illustrate that his index finger is touching water which then ripples.

A touch of magic

Aunt Debbie... no peeking!

Actually my Aunt Debbie doesn't have connectivity where she lives so I don't have to worry about her peeking!

My mom just spent a week with my Aunt and introduced her to Zentangle.  What do you know... she is hooked!  As a welcome to the wonderful world of Zentangle I made this little gift for her.  It is a small canvas bag; the tangles are done with Spectrum Noir markers.  It is filled with lots of tan tiles of various shades, textures, weights, and brown Mircon pens.  Happy tangling Aunt Debbie!

Aunt Debbie's Zentangle bag.

Front of the bag, or back, depending, or who cares!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

DC 144 -- Bug me Zentangle!!!

 This weeks challenge was super fun! 

A Certified Zentangle Teacher, Samantha Taylor, worked with Sakura America to make this really fantastic video.  It is simply precious!!

A Bug's Life in Zentangle

This weeks challenge was to use the video as inspiration for creating a tile!  We had to have a bug somewhere in the tile and we had to add color... how can that not be fun!!

My son has Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches which I adore so that was my insect of choice, without a doubt.  I am particularly happy with my tile because I drew it freehand... something I don't have much confidence doing but he turned out pretty ok!  The apple was colored with Copics; I am enjoying my new markers.  I also used my own tangle, Lali, in the roach!  So, yep, this was a fun piece!!!


Veteran's Day... belated

I have 3 favorite Vets. 

My grandfather served in World War II.
My uncle served in Vietnam.
My cousin served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

These are cards that I tangled for each of them thanking them for their service and wishing them a Happy Veteran's Day.

Happy Veteran's Day

Friday, November 8, 2013

LALI -- a new tangle pattern

This post is to officially introduce Lali -- a new tangle pattern. 

(Well, I imagine it isn't really new since there are tangle patterns every where we look! This is one aspect I love about Zentangle... finding tangles every where!)

One of my favorite restaurants is and Ethopian place in Tempe called Cafe Lalibella, hence Lali.   While having lunch there recently, I noticed a brilliant pattern on an advertisement for a pumpkin berbere dish that they were temporarily offering.   Lali is only part of the total pattern; I decided not to deconstruct the entire pattern because I ended up liking its simplicity and the impression of mountains and valleys that Lali exudes once it's shaded. 

I have submitted Lali to Linda Farmer, CZT, at TanglePatterns.com and will keep my fingers crossed that it is added to the go-to collection of tangle patterns!!

Happy Tangling... hopefully with Lali!

Introducing... Lali

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

DC 143 -- Cruze

This week's challenge was to use the tangle Cruze.

I had fun going crazy with this tangle -- there are so many ways to manipulate it! 

This is what I came up with for the challenge... not one of my favorite tiles but kept going out of my comfort zone (last week's challenge) by using color and tweeking tangles so overall I am happy!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

z-inspiration FRIENDLINESS

Dilip has identified FRIENDLINESS as the next value word -- visit his blog to explore "meditative experiences through Zentangle practice." 

The ZIA I have created includes FRIEND -- tangles that begin with those letters...

                              F = Fengle
                              R = Rain
                              I = Ixorus
                             E = Emingle
                             N = 'Nzepple
                             D = Drupe

 Click on the tangle name above and you will be linked to the step outs to draw each tangle.  In some cases, you will need to scroll down until you find it.

Since I have begun to Zentangle I have meet many wonderful people, new friends.  I find the people in this community are talented and sincerely just as passionate as I am about Zentangling.  One of the component Sir Ken Robinson describes as finding your element ("The point at which natural talent meets personal passion.") is to be surrounded with like minded people; people that share your talents and passion.  I really feel in my element and am enjoying my new friends along the way.