Sunday, December 15, 2013

Winter in Flagstaff

San Francisco Peaks
I am certainly missing winter in Flagstaff.  The snow, the Ponderosas, the cold, the crisp air, the stary nights, the calm, the serenity, the peacefulness of living in the country; these are all missed very much as our weekdays are spent in Phoenix.  This tile shows the view of the San Francisco Peaks from our home.  Although there isn't much snow now, it is most definitely cold!  It was good to be in Flagstaff for a nice three day long weekend!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

DC 148 Merry Happy

The challenge for this week was to create a piece for the holidays.  I did several tiles but this one was the first.  

The holidays to me are simple and joyful.

Tis the season!



amusement, esp. as expressed in laughter

merriment, high spirits, cheerfulness, cheeriness, hilarity, glee, laughter, gaiety, buoyancy, blitheness, euphoria, exhilaration, lightheartedness, joviality, joy, joyfulness, joyousness

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Inspiration to the World - Mandela and Tutu

It was December 5th when Nelson Mandela passed.  This NPR news clip includes the introduction of Mandela at his presidential inauguration by Archbishop Desmund Tutu.  The passion and joy that radiates from Arch's speech  is breath taking!

I sent this tile to my dear friend.  This Zentangle is for you, Arch, as we mourn the loss and celebrate the life of Nelson Mandela -- a friend, who, like you, is an inspiration to the world.

South Africa Zentangle style

To Arch, with love

Aunt Debbie's addiction!

Well, as you know from previous posts... My mother visited her sister and taught her to tangle.  She was immediately hooked (who isn't!).  Now, my Aunt Debbie has artistic ability and creativity in her veins so I was not at all surprised when my mother forwarded me these pictures of the tiles Aunt Debbie did.  This, after only a couple of weeks of self taught Zentangle!  I absolutely love the joyfulness of these two critters!

"Funny Bunny"

This tile was sent to my daughter by her Great Aunt Debbie!  When Genevieve said "mom, you got to see this" I knew it would be spectacular but I was speechless when I saw it!  I particularly like the Zinger and the Poke Leaf!

So, I think it is safe to say that tangling is now part of the Tarlton girls!

Tangled Mexico Vacation

Thanksgiving week was spent in Puerto Penasco at Laguna Shores -- a lovely place to relax... and tangle!

Of everything Zentangle from this trip, here are a few items I really like.

This is a gourd tangled with Micron Sepia .05 and then colored with Spectrum Nior makers.

This is a collection of shells picked up from walks along the beach.  The little conical shells were super hard to find.  I only found two, but they were the funnest to tangle because of their shape!

DC 146 -- Pea-Nuckle and Well

This week's challenge was to use the tangles Pea-Nuckle and Well.  I had recently learned Pea-Nuckle so was excited to 'put it to use.'  Well, well, I had to learn Well well.  (I actually think that sentence may be grammatically correct!)

Here is a link to a tutorial on how to draw Pea-Nuckle.  Thank you, Ellen Wolters, for these lessons; it makes learning new tangles so easy!

Here is a link to a tutorial on how to draw Well.  Thank you, Helen Williams; you make learning tangles easy as well!

And now for the results...

Pea-Nuckle and Well

For the week of Thanksgiving, we were in Mexico.  I went into town Monday to get wifi just so I could tap into the challenge!  So, this tile was done while being lazy on the beach of Laguna Shores in Puerto Penasco!