Tuesday, January 28, 2014

DC 152 -- auqafleur

This is the challenge I have been waiting for... my favorite tangle -- AQUAFLEUR!  Rick and Maria released this tangle not long ago; the step out to Aquafleur can be found at Zentangle.  

This week's Diva challenge was to use Aquafleur. Done, but then I started playing with a new app and came up with this...

Here is my 'official' tile... done with Micron 01 and 05, white Gelly Roll, and clear Glaze pens... gotta love Sakura!
Continuing to play with my apps...

Thank you for taking the time to view my submission; I appreciate any comments left.  Also, while you are here, check out the Tangled Kindness Project -- the link is in the upper right corner of the blog.

Monday, January 27, 2014

DC 150 and 151 -- I've gotten behind!

This will be short as it is Monday as challenge 152 awaits!

For the Diva challenge 150 -- we were to select ONE word to embrace for the year.  HA!  Funny I used the word embrace to describe the one little word because the word I picked was embrace!

For the Diva challenge 151 -- we were use the Moebius Syndrome Foundation's logo.  This was an educational challenge for me because I was aware of Moebius Syndrome.  For the logo in my tile, I outlined the logo with the gold pen that the Diva once stated she really liked.

Friday, January 10, 2014

DC 149 twenty fourteen

The first Diva challenge of the new year was to create a new year's tile.  I've wanted to try for some time leaving an image and tangling around it so this gave me an opportunity to try it...

Notice the little purple dots... I have discovered Sakura Glaze Pens and love them!  They are sooo smooth, the color is beyond vibrant, and best of all the ink is 3D!  So, here is to adding a splash of color in the new year!

Thank you for taking the time to view my submission; I appreciate any comments left.  Also, while you are here, check out the Tangled Kindness Project -- the link is in the upper right corner of the blog.

Happy New Year!!

Organic Tangles

Of all the tangles to choose from, I am always drawn to the organic tangles. I just like the free flow and freedom of the tangles.  I did this tile in only a few minutes -- because when I held it up to look at it, I liked it!  Perhaps this is a minimalist tile, there really isn't much to it.  But for some reason, I really like it... probably because of the organic tangles as well as the simplicity.

Micron and Glaze pens

Notice the circles... that is a new tangle I am calling Moro.  More on Moro later!  Also, notice the little purple dots... they were done with Sakura Glaze pens.  If you haven't tried them, they are a must!  The flow is soooo smooth, the color is vibrant, and the ink is 3D.  The glaze gives such a pop to a tile!  For when I feel the need to be a purist in the world of Zentangle, I use the glaze black and white pens.  

Tarltons are Tangled!

From previous posts you know that I taught my mother how to tangle.  In kind, she has introduced tangling to every member of the Tarlton Clan!  My cousin, Samantha, is now fully and completely addicted to tangling!  Woot!!

Here are a couple of samples... good job Samantha!!

A tangled kiss from Samantha's favorite Disney story.

A tangled howl at the moon!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sharing the Addiction!

The last three days of 2013 were spend with my favorite nieces (well, two of the three favorite nieces!) and nephew in law to be.  After a little tangling session, my daughter asked if I was going to teach everyone I know to tangle!  What a great idea!!

These tiles are a result of their beautiful work!

top: Monica bottom: Shiv, Vanessa

 Good job Vanessa, Moncia and Shiv!!  Love you tons, miss you much already, and happy tangling!!


My daughter and I were having a conversation about friends not long ago...

I did this duo-tile with friends in mind.  I imagine friends walking this path and all the places to go, adventures to be had.

Happy New Year

From the best CZT ever...

Another new year, more choices we'll make
From wishes and dreams to the roads we will take.
Some  head for riches, glory and fame 
While mine, next to theirs, is ever so tame.
Just give me a pencil, some paper and pen
And I'll have a joyous new year again.

Hoping all of your dreams come true,
Jean Chaney

A tangled Christmas in Mexico

The year ended with a wonderful family vacation to Mazatlan at a fantastic all-inclusive resort ~~ El Cid El Moro Beach ~~ where all we did was eat and either lounge at the pool or beach!  For the kids it meant lots of pool play, sand castles, and splashing in the surf.  For the adults it meant lots of reading and for me... of course tangling!  

This collection is most of the tiles that resulted in a week of relaxation.
Tiles were done with Micron pens but color was added (even black) with Glaze pens.

 The beach was small and crowded with folks enjoying the sun, sand, and surf.  This tile is the view from my lounge chair.  (I am not sure of the names of the islands.)

The kids exploring the surf! 

The white fence in the photo is simply a line where the venders could not approach people on the beach... and there were lots of venders!

At the pool there was a water slide and a rock ledge in which you could jump into the pool.  The kids tried and tried to get me to jump but they simply didn't piece together that a fear of heights and the inability to swim isn't the right combination for such an adventure!  This tile is a quick sketch of that ledge.

The maids at the resort spoiled the kids... making animals out of the towels, leaving chocolates on their pillows.  Genevieve left this tile and note for the maid when we left.

"Thank you for making the beds and towels the past week.  The towels are beautiful. - Genevieve"

All in all... a beautiful and most relaxing week -- muchas gracias Mexico!

I look forward to your comments.