Tuesday, March 25, 2014

DC # 160 -- spirals

Spiraling out... this week's Diva challenge.  In this tile, it is the tangle Moro that is the spiral string.  Now, the story behind this tile... I am creating 40 tiles for a wedding RSVP, all in these colors, all with these tangles (and Mooka which I didn't use in this tile), and all different!  So, if you notice a trend in the next few posts, well, that is why.  Between the RSVPs and Tangled Little Cards... and working on my doctorate, and getting my real estate license, and working a new part time job (helping foster kids - loving it!)... I am busy but life is good

And lastly, but not least.... my mother's contribution to the challenge!


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy St. Patangles, DCs 156-159 and therapy!

It has been ions since I have posted a response to the Diva's challenge.  I have had soooo many requests for Tangled Little Cards that I can't keep up!  If any tangler out there wants to donate a tile or two to the kindness cause I would certainly be most grateful!

As for the Diva challenge... let's work backwards....

Challenge 159... St. Patrick's Day inspired.  I went with green where as my mother opted for "magic 4 leaf clovers, gold coins, dragontails, rainbows and mist" -- kudos for creativity Mom!!!

by Bonnie Tarlton
 Challenge 158... the challenge was to use the tangles Diva Dance and Crescent Moon.

Challenge 157... the challenge was to use the tangle Charlie.
Looks like Charlie and the Crescent Dance were used for a Tangled Little Cards and sent to North Carolina!

Challenge 156... the challenge was to use grid based tangles. Ugh, I avoid grids!  My mom did this challenge too!

by Bonnie Tarlton
and FINALLY....a little therapy!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

My Three Hands

As a gift for my mother, I did these hands.  My older brother, myself, and younger sister traced our hands and then I tangled them.  Can you find our name in our wrist!?