Friday, October 31, 2014

Work Space

I have not posted to this blog in over a month! My neglect; I think of it daily as I think about tangling daily.  Notice I said "I think about..."; most days I don't tangle.

Once in a while I peek at the Diva Challenge or more frequently the goings on at Square One (If you are a Zentangle purist, check 'em out on FB), but more often than not, I put down my Micron to pick up a book or article, to type away my thoughts on content literacy, or to ponder about the paradigms that shapes me as an educator.  The tangling has come second to finishing the doctoral degree.  Don't be fooled though, the tangling remains a fundamental piece of maintaining my sanity while finishing my degree!

So, here is my work space... 

See all the pens and tiles?!?  Right; they are hidden on a book shelf as an attempt not to be tempted to set aside the academic work.

Yet, check out the ZIA that outlines my desk!  In one of my classes I had the assignment of creating a statement that reflected my praxis... in any form! Woot! That meant tangling opportunity! This is the end result; the pilgrimage of my praxis/tangling starts on the left.  

To the left of the owl is one of my favorite element of the entire piece.... the aquafleur! Hey, how did Bijou get there?!