Thursday, April 30, 2015

White Ink on Black Tiles

I am a fan of white ink on black tiles -- I love those beautiful black tiles!  However, I have not found a pen with white ink that I simply adore -- until NOW!  

Let's review some pens with white ink -- Sakura Gelly Roll, Sakura Glaze, Pentel Sunburst Gel, Pentel Slicci (which I like, the line is smooth and fine but I haven't found it in white, just silver), and Uni-ball Signo (which I love but the line is so not fine).  I will let you fend for yourself Googling those pens as I want to focus on my new favorite white ink pen... by Uni!

As indicated by the name... I am in heaven! It is the beautifully smooth flowing ink that is signature to Signo but with a 0.7mm tip, the line is thin and more perfect for any detailed tangled tile!  

After a bit of searching, I found JetPens offering it at a reasonable price... $2.00 per pen.  JetPens offers an amazing selection of pens which I haven't investigated yet... if you find one you like or if you have another white ink pen that you can't live without, please share!

I did find this pen most intreging yet too expensive and perhaps even too sophisticated for my simpleton means of tangling.

What is your favorite white ink pen???

Angelic Colours Gel Ink Rollerball Pen

uni-ball Signo Angelic Colours Gel Ink Rollerball Pen - See more at:
uni-ball Signo Angelic Colours Gel Ink Rollerball Pen - See more at:


  1. Did you know that Jet pens does a review and comparison of the white pens?
    I use the Signo Gel Impact White. I will certainly have to add a few of the finer points that you showed. I agree that the Signo has the best white and I'm looking forward to getting something a bit finer.
    Your new and improved blog looks great!

    1. Thanks Jean! My biggest fan!!!

      Given that I am in the market (eye roll) for a few new pens I will have to check out the reviews and try out the Signo you suggested. I am thinking I may just end up tangling a few more black tiles by finding the perfect white pen!