Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Circus Tile

As a child I went to a Ringling Bros. circus... Oh I will spare you my commentary.

All three of these tangles are new to me, hence one of the greatest aspects of doing the Diva challenge. Guest blogger, Lee Darter, challenged us to use the tangles Tropicana, Cack and then to select an additional tangle from three given choices...being the organic tangle lover I am, I selected LinQ.

This tile certainly looks like the chaos that a circus may bring, although Tropicana reminds me more of the Roman aqueducts that remain standing in Segovia Spain. 


Anyway, my circus tile...

by Amy L. Smith

More noteworthy than any tile:

Kudos to Ringling Bros. for retiring their elephants!  (Make sure you watch the video embedded in the article.)



  1. this is just amazing.. I love, love, love the way you what from small to large on your Tropicana! Nice work. I too saw Ringling as a child. My dad took me to see the animals wintering in Sarasota. All were outside in large pens and looked to be greatly cared for by their trainers. I know Ringling is moving away from using wild animals in their shows and will be retiring their 12 Asian Elephants and the end of their current tour. The Elephants will have their own reserve in Florida to live out the rest of their natural lives on.
    Lee Darter

  2. Love the linq rolling around the Cack like those ribbons on sticks that are twirled around,

  3. Your tile reminds me more of an amusement park with the roller coasters and ferris wheels! Love it. It is so happy!

  4. I love your tile, Amy, and I had the same feeling about the Ringling elephant retirement :) Linq is such a fun tangle but for some reason I just couldn't pull it off today. Beautiful!

  5. It is such a pleasure to see my pattern used. Thank you for this gift at this time in my life. You are a Rock Star!