Friday, July 17, 2015


Fun is to be had with the tangle Paradox

The step out to Paradox is super easy and this tangle is a great tangle to use during a Zentangle class to emphasis that tiles are to be rotated, rotated, rotated!!!  

I started this Zendala with Paradox not thinking that it would be the only tangle used! This tile sat like this for days because I was so fascinated with the way Paradox transformed itself into a mesmerizing star that I just kept staring at it!

Paradox by Amy L Smith, CZT

Perhaps it was that fascination that inspired me to continue to use Paradox on the rest of the tile...  ...I must admit, I lost my spot a couple times so I challenge you to find my 'mistakes'!

Paradox by Amy L Smith, CZT

A little bit of shading makes all the difference...

Paradox by Amy L Smith, CZT

Now, if you like Paradox and you really want to obsess with it (which is easy to do), then I suggest you check out Margaret Bremner's blog about Paradox!  She takes Paradox to a whole new level and offers some valuable tips!

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